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Media Asset Manager

Stay in control of your assets

Creo Media Manager provides you with a comprehensive media file library - a centralized hub to store all your files. You have full ownership and control over this library, along with a range of powerful features designed to help you efficiently track and manage your files.

Media Asset Management

Organize and categorize

Creo Media Manager provides a user-friendly solution to keep your media library organized. Easily categorize all your files to maintain a clear overview, and apply tags to make them easily searchable. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to add custom metadata fields according to your specific requirements. You can always replace, and download the original file.

Media Asset Management

Limit access for users

We don't charge for or impose limits on the number of user accounts in Creo Media Manager. As an administrator, you have the ability to set up new accounts and maintain full control over each user's specific permissions. You can determine their allowed actions, such as uploading, publishing, or deleting content. Additionally, you have control over what they can access within the library and which channels they have permission to view.

Media Asset Managemnet

Stay calm, your content is safe

The safety and security of your content is our top priority. Files in the library that are not published will never be accessible via the internet. We offer various security controls to determine who can view your content. Rest assured that when you upload files to Creo Media Manager, you can trust in our commitment to keeping them safe.