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Creo Media Manager

Release notes

Read more about our latest releases and features.

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May 2023

More effective encoding


We now have separate encoding environments for different formats, this will make the encoding of smaller formats much faster, and will not be queued up after full HD formats.

Publish video with countdown


We are currently working on a new function that will allow for on-demand videos to be published within a live template, scheduled for a specific time. Prior to publication, a page will display with a countdown timer, calendar reminder, and a message, similar to a live broadcast, enhancing the user experience.

Drag and drop


A brand new drag-and-drop function has been developed, aimed at improving speed and clarity when sorting assets. The new version promises a more streamlined and user-friendly experience for dropping assets in their desired locations.

New search function


We are excited to introduce our newly developed search function, which is lightning fast and allows you to search your entire library in one unified place. This enhanced search feature promises to provide an efficient and seamless experience for locating and accessing content within your library.

April 2023

Videos now become playable immediately after upload


A new great feature has been launched that makes videos playable as soon as they are uploaded and published. While the formats are being encoded, the original file will now be viewable until the first format is encoded. This will allow for published videos to be played immediately after uploading.

This feature not only applies to videos, but also to on-demand recordings from virtual events. If the event is recorded by the platform, it will be ready to watch immediately after the virtual event ends, even if you edit the start and stop time.

Introducing Creo Meeting


We are excited to announce that face-to-face meetings are now available in Creo Media Manager. This feature is perfect for breakout sessions connected to a live broadcast. We can provide rooms for up to 200 participants with 24 active cameras simultaneously, along with chat functiona­lity, reactions, and screen sharing. Contact us for more information.

Manually sorting corrected


Our asset sorting function has been redesigned in response to issues reported by some users.

Interactivity sidebar


Our live templates have been updated to include a convenient sidebar that contains all the interactive features during a live broadcast, including Q&A, chat, and polls. This improvement eliminates the need for users to scroll down the page, providing a more user-friendly and efficient experience for engaging with the live broadcast content.

Loading channels


We have optimized the loading of channels and categories, reducing the time it takes to mere milliseconds. This improvement is particularly noticeable when dealing with larger file trees, resulting in a significantly improved performance. Furthermore, we will be implementing similar optimizations for assets, further enhancing the overall efficiency of our system.

New chat integrated


A new chat module solution that is now available, integrated with live broadcasts. The chat is designed to be more user-specific based on registration, and offers greater flexibility in terms of look and feel.

User interface mobile


We have made some changes to the user interface for mobile devices, making it easier for you to access the most important functions while on the go.

New registration options


We are planning to launch two new registration options. The first option will allow you to lock registration to an entire domain for email registration, providing enhanced security and control over user registration. The second option will involve sending out individual registration links to users after they have registered, providing a personalized and streamlined registration process. These new options will offer increased flexibility and customization in managing user registrations within our system.



We are committed to improving the accessibility of our player and ensuring compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1. As part of these efforts, we will be reviewing and enhancing our player to include features such as separate audio tracks and the ability to adjust contrast and size of subtitles.